Where is the clinic located?
The UND Center for Family Medicine is located at 701 East Rosser Avenue, located directly east of Sanford Hospital on the corner of 7th Street and Rosser Ave.

Visit Location and Parking for more information.

How soon can I get an appointment?

When you need to go to the doctor, you don't want to wait. At the UND Center for Family Medicine, we can usually get you in on the same day and sometimes right away.

Walk-in patients are always welcome without an appointment. You will be worked in among other patients that have scheduled appointments, so it may be a few minutes before you are seen.

Do you have an after-hours clinic?

A UND Center for Family Medicine physician is on call 24 hours a day. During the hours when the center is closed, please call 751-9500 for the physician on call. Direct your emergency calls to Sanford Health (323-6000) or CHI St. Alexius Health (530-7000) and ask for the UND Center for Family Medicine physician on call. 

When calling for an appointment, why aren’t the same physicians in the clinic every day?

Your physician is a member of a team. Our physician teams are comprised of both faculty and nursing staff that are required to participate in educational and clinical supervision of the residents.

This means that if your regular family physician will not be in, arrangements will be made for you to be seen by another team physician and nurse. Our front desk receptionist/schedulers and nursing staff have access to the physician schedules and are well versed on availability of appointments.

How can I make payments on my account and what methods of payment are accepted?

Please present your insurance identification card at each visit to certify coverage. The front desk will collect co-payment at the time of service. We accept cash, check and credit card (Mastercard, Visa, and Discover).

The UND Center for Family Medicine prepares and files insurance claims at no charge. We participate and accept assignment for North Dakota Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurance Products through Medcenter One and St. Alexius Medical Center including: PPO, EPO, Select Choice through Medcenter One and St. Alexius, Care Choice, Blue Choice, North Dakota Medicare and Medicaid, and all other insurance carriers.

New patients without insurance are expected to pay $25.00 up front. If it is not possible to make payments, patients are encouraged to discuss their account with the Business Office to make arrangements for payment.  Call 751-9505 regarding any health insurance and/or billing questions, or visit Insurance and Payments for more information.

Why does another physician’s name (other than the physician I saw in the clinic) appear on my billing statement or Explanation of Benefits (EOB)?

Because we are a residency program, there are operational guidelines that apply to our business practices. Our resident physicians (i.e. not “students”) do not have a provider number assigned to them. This is not unique to our program only, but all residency programs. Thereby, the residents’ charges are all billed under the precepting faculty member that is assigned to the clinic.

Is the UND Center for Family Medicine a “free clinic”?

No, it is not a free clinic, nor is it classified as a community health center.

Our fees generally reflect the fees of family physicians within the community and are an agreement between you and the UND Center for Family Medicine. Health insurance is a third party to this agreement. Regardless of the action of your insurance company, payment of fees for service is your responsibility.

Community health centers, on the other hand, provide health care regardless of your ability to pay and even if you have no health insurance. Click on the following links for more information:

Do you have any specialists at your facility?

Our physicians make appropriate consultations and/or referrals to other specialists if they are deemed medically necessary.

However, family medicine is the focus at the UND Center for Family Medicine and it is a medical specialty with personalized medical care for your entire family. The family physician not only treats your illness, but looks for opportunities to help you improve your health. Click here to learn more about our clinic services.